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Holy, that first photo with the sunset is absolutely wonderful. 
Slow, as always, to pull pictures off the camera and get them posted.. these are from the second week of Sept, and are straight from the sensor, untouched and un-edited.

The Northeastern shore of South Portland

Directly across the harbor channel from Willard Beach, where I am moored, is the small and privately-owned House Island. Fort Scammel, on the island, was built in 1808 at the same time as Fort Preble in South Portland as harbor defense. These are only a few of the many many forts and outposts that were built along the coast and on the islands of Casco bay.

Fort Scammel

Fort Preble (cropped)

Interestingly, House Island was used as a quarantine station in the early 1900's and was considered the "Ellis Island of the North".

Just to the East of House Island is the privately owned Cushing Island where two WWII towers can be seen over the treetops. Unfortunately there isn't much information on these structures but they look like concrete, so I imagine they're of the WWII era - even though a previous fort was built there.

North End of Cushing Island

East side of Cushing Island. Red arrows mark the "Storm Trooper towers, ala forest moon of Endor" - or at least that is what I call them

Depending on who you talk to, it is either blasphemy, inappropriate, rude, or just plain fun to fly the jolly roger. However, as I'm sailing in Maine I don't think anybody is ever going to confuse me for a real pirate.. and it was a neat "boat christening" gift from my crew, so why shouldn't I fly it?!

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