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NY to LA in 31 hours
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Speed freak much?

This one is for my buddy Ross who, in his badder, younger, pre-preggers arm-candy days, was known to be quite the wild driver - from over-the-grass-and-through-the-trees parking lot pile-up avoidance stunts in high school to deadly-speed break-down lane shenanigans in an Oldsmobile grocery-getter replete with faux-wooden sidewalls.

That sounds reckless, but ain't nothin' compared to this: Independantly wealthy Alex Roy recently broke the cross-US driving record by over an hour to come in at 31 hours and 4 minutes. That's well over 7,000 miles at more than 90mph average, and they did it with a "play book" the size of the Patriot Act, a plethora of GPS units, thermal heat cameras, cop radios, and even a Beechcraft spotter plane.

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