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If you've ever had to build some 3D computer models or have played with a CAD/3D modeling package you know that they're a pain in the ass and/or have steep learning curves.

On that note, if you haven't seen Google's Sketchup software, you should check it out. It is a 3D modeling tool and it they use it for the Google Earth building/briges/etc models. Somehow I missed this little nugget of gold in the coal mine of the innernector, but no longer. I downloaded it today and it has an interface that is slicker than a vodka shit on ice.

Microsoft's initiative on this front is a collaboration with Paris based Dassault Systèmes. From the International Herald Tribune:
In partnership with Microsoft, Dassault also introduced a free online application two weeks ago that allows users to create 3-D models and put them on the map, sharing them on Microsoft's Virtual Earth and with online communities.
It appears to have a similar interface, so it is unclear who is actually responsible for it.

It's just too bad that the whole of my artistic talent fits on my pinky nail, and I accidentally chewed that off a long time ago in a fit of anxious worry. Damn.

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