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Alec Baldwin on the Writer's Strike
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I'm not exactly in love with the writer's strike in LA, if only because the picket line seems like a tropical resort compared to what most people associate with the term "picket line". That is, they're getting free food and concerts.. along with the backing of celebrities.

Okay, forget the gripes for a moment. I actually respect 'ol A.B.C.* Alec Baldwin a bit more for this Op-Ed on the Huffington Post, in which he cuts to the chase at the end:
In the meantime, the writers, and the other sellers as well, have a different idea they can try. I recall when a popular late night talk show host skewered the head of his own network for a prolonged run, right there on his show. On and on it went and, from what I heard, that network head was apoplectic. These people have bigger egos than even the stars themselves, but without any sense of humor. I want the WGA to set up a website and on that website we can all post stories about every no-talent, idiotic, amoral producer and executive we have ever dealt with. Just like they do to us on shows like Extra and sites like TMZ (owned by Warner Brothers.) Set up a website and tell the entire world, via the internet, your own anecdote about some of the witless boobs you have endured in Hollywood and beyond. The strike will end in a week.
He has a point, and I sort of think an anonymous website could do wonders (remember fuckedcompany.. are they even still around?).

Here is an example of where people have the ability to band together and create change. The question is: do they want it bad enough. Politics is another arena that has oodles of untapped potential along this avenue. Americans often don't seem like they care much, but I think there is something else lurking under the surface. That problem is, and I think this is some sort of ugliness ingrained into our societal consciousness, Americans just don't seem to be able to compromise anymore. We embrace a love it or leave it, whole hog, no nonsense sort of ideology here in the States..

Why? I suspect it is because we have spent a whole lifetime's worth of.. actually getting it. We love, we eat hog, and take no nonsense. But what happens when someone comes along and takes our hog away from us?

Nonsense! you might say, it will never happen!

But the truth of the matter is the US of A is a wee lass of a little country, a mere 200 years old. We can't stay on top forever (just ask the Greeks). But nevermind that, we're too busy taking the hog from eachother. We can't even compromise in politics, where life is black and white (or red and blue) and a great divide between us does fall.

So take up that mighty pen.. err.. keyboard, fire up your mini's and your PDAs, go forth and create those great websites in the sky. Build breadth and depth and learn to compromise - if not with everybody than at least your (figurative) neighbours. Remember that a single voice takes but one thought, but an act of Congress takes a whole crowd of whiny bitches.

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