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Happy New Year Internet
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Having given my notice some weeks ago, I find myself sitting here at my old company, long loyal for 7 years - moreso me or it, hard to tell - all alone on New Year's eve. All the employees have left to slumber (or rather, more likely to get slammered) and I just can't seem to pull myself away or finish this very long chapter.

I sense in me the want to meander, write long rosy prosey and poetic philander. But I'll try for all of your sake to keep it short. Just a note, one last time, from this spot of shirked work. I'll sit here and try to think of something to say. Something witty or wise or smart. It won't work, though, and these last 10 minutes will come and go, and then it will be time to roll.

Out into the snow (once more, again) - 30 inches this month, the decades best. Out I go into the streets of nonsense, with revelers merry and quite contrary (falling into, out of, their feet's lockstepped carry). If I make it at the next job for even seven days, it will be quite the feat of amaze. If I make it seven more years, perhaps then it will finally be time for this guy's cheer.

Happy New Year Internet.

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