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Facebook's fallback
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Having beefed on Facebook a few days ago, I'd be remiss if I did not take the time to point out that they've finally caved in and changed the Beacon service:
Following the bad press, Facebook told its 55 million users on Thursday that it was backing down over the scheme. It is giving users "more control" over the Beacon stories published on their news feeds, and they will have to approve Beacon alerts individually before they appear on their profiles. "We recognise that users need to clearly understand Beacon before they have a story published," Facebook said. "We will continue to refine this approach to give users choice."
The phrase "will continue to refine this approach" sounds like Facebook is leaving the door open for more transgressions in the future, not bowing to the "almighty" user. Whether it is tomorrow, the next day, or next year, I expect more bad news for privacy out of FB in the future.

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