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Wow cloudy in Manchester.. how rare :) How did you like my home country? We were just in a place called Darton (near Leeds and Barnsley) last week! It rained the whole week. I hope you have had fish and chips and a good pint of beer. 

Did like? I'm still here! It's beautiful and sunny today here in Wetherby..

So far: one stop at the Wetherby Whaler for fish and chips, many more than one pint of good beer, and a trip to York for some more traditional touristy castle and minster viewing. 

Oh wow! me and jeremy went to the wetherby whaler in wakefield (my home town) and went to york for the day! We have lots of pics at the Minster... pretty isn't it? Its very bizarre that youre doing exactly what we did two weeks ago! Can't wait to hear and see all about it when you return! 
I also like birds.

Manchester. UK. January 26th. '08.

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