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Richard Florida, the Ray Liotta lookalike I've mentioned before, has a new and interesting singles map up on his blog. It indicates urban areas with disparities in the number of single men versus single women. New York, and the east coast cities in general, are more likely to have a glut of single women whereas the west coast has a deficit of them. Rarer still? An even ratio:
Greater Boston is unusual among large metro areas. It is one of the very few with a near perfect balance of singles - having just 1,600 or so more women than men - 604,960 men to 606,580 women. And this may be part of the reason why the region ranks third for young singles on a ranking of more than 150 metro regions my team and I compiled. The entire region surrounding Boston and its immediate suburbs does well, too. Worcester; Portland, Maine; and Portsmouth-Manchester, N.H., also score among the top five for singles among small-medium-sized regions nationwide.
What is not mentioned, of course, is the relative weights of these numbers. A surplus of 210,000 women in the New York-Northern New Jersey area is less than 2% of the population, hardly a large disparity. A surplus of 2500 in Portland, Maine, however, is closer to 4%. What would have been nice is a map with relative differences, not actual differences.

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