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Fresh Vegetables
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I am not saying its wrong or anything, but why do vermont/new hampshire only have like 3 vegetables in season, while maine has a ton. THen you look at massachussettes and it tells you the growing season is dormant so look for root vegetables or something?!
In case anyone is wondering, BritCoal knows how to work with his vegetables.....
he makes a mean Curry. 

Yeah, I completely agree.. New Hampshire may not be the farming capitol of the Northeast but three veggies? Come on. I didn't read carefully, but perhaps they are highlighting the sorts of things you'd likely find in your local grocery store, as opposed to a farmer's market. That would certainly limit the selection to those producers big enough to sell to chains, thereby reducing the pool of viable veggies... 
For those fresh local vegetable lovers among us, has a what's-in-season flash based map covering the whole USA by state. Cute. Of course, anyone who takes this sort of stuff serious would hopefully not need to use the internet to know what is fresh. Try your friendly garden stand or farmer's market instead, no?

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