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Golden "Cow Nosed" Ray migration
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Sailing around on the Connecticut coast this weekend we saw a whole bunch of dark maroon jellyfish hanging out at the surface of the water. They were mostly fist-sized (some as big as one's head) and they were spread out over the bay, like salt and pepper spread sparsely over the top of a bowl of pesto.

We tried to get a few pictures with the underwater camera but, to be honest, they didn't hold a candle in the wind to migrating golden rays. Those are some sweet pictures.

I know it's been pictures-pictures-pictures around here and not a whole lot of content-content-content, but bear with me. Summers have a way of being busy without even being busy, if you know what I mean. They certainly don't encourage more screen time from this guy, anyway, so I'm doing what I can. Suck it.

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