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What do you mean by "become recalcitrant"? Was there a point in your life where 'recalcitrant' was not an apt description of monsieur britcoal?

Did you find this word using a thesaurus? To be honest I had to look it up. 

Yes there was a point in my life when I was not so recalcitrant. No, I did not find the word using a thesaurus. While I often rely on the dictionary for proper spelling and to re-check a definition (in order to limit the number of blog comments nitpicking my word usage) I've never been a big thesaurus guy. 

Recalcitrant means nothing to me. Would you please elaborate on this word for us plebeians? 
My usual opening line - it's been awhile.. - is even more true than it's ever been but I can explain it this time. I'm just, it's.. I think..

And that's the problem; too much running around in the brain and nothing to tap it down. Too much input; a neural net so intertwined, where the outputs keep feeding back into the pile of spaghetti, and the inputs change faster than the rest of it can keep up. This isn't a cyclical problem, it's just a big constant problem.

Too much.


I've become recalcitrant. You can't argue with anyone anymore because nothing is provable but everything is "true".

"I saw it in a magazine.."

"Bush said that.."

And when a disputant like myself finds himself in such an awful state (of place, not being) then it really ain't no fun anymore. Knowhatimean?

I guess in the meantime (whatever esoteric definition I intended for that to mean) you should just enjoy the pictures. Maybe I'll snap out of it someday.

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