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Where did all the money go?
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Well, in some ways, a lot of this "money" they talk of - it never existed. That's what happens when you have a money tree in your federal reserve and greed in the boardroom. I keep calling it greed, because I have to hope and pray that they knew what they were doing. If they didn't - if none of them had a clue - that just goes to show you that we are bound to repeat our mistakes over and over again, never once learning from them (see, any derivatives market's early history - with no clearhouse, no proper exchange, things get messy every time, e.g. commodities). Apropos, some of the money that did get realized (and that's a key word right there, realized). About $1 billion's worth went straight to those greed mongers (and that's just the top ten):

As banks broke down, CEOs cashed in.

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