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Sub-lime Crisis.
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Not to be too succinct or jealous here, but the butt of the joke is the American worker. Maybe that sounds a little communist, but at the end of the day we set out to make a free democracy and we came out with a mumbo jumbo pile of over-hyped security of our rights to be broken and our money to be stolen.. but it isn't even the money, it's the sweat. Money is debt, as there ever was any. What the $700 billion dollar bailout represents is the sweat of the worker, the two week vacation, the tired drudgery of over-worked under-productive environments.

The real worth of a nation is not it's resources or it's land mass, it is what its people can make of that which counts. GDP is a measure of product, or money, but it represents what the people have reaped in a years time. It is a real measure of a countries worth (however skewed it may be). If a government chooses to create money, it directly dilutes its workforce's value. This is sometimes hidden in what they like to call "inflation". That's a subtle way of saying that you are getting a pay cut, we're just not telling you. But that's okay, everyone is getting a pay cut. That's fair, right? Well, a dollar to you might not mean the same thing it means to someone living below the poverty line - so when your gallon of milk costs a little more, how much do you think it hurts them?

This is slightly insignificant to one group of people.. the one's who created the problem in the first place - the billion-dollar-babies who marched off with piles of bonus cash and options up the wazoo. Sure, they might be "hurting" now too, what with the roller-coaster bumpy ride that the markets have been giving us recently.. But, once again, how much does a gallon of milk cost them?

When they're in the back rooms and offices chuckling about the goings-on with their buddy-buddy pals, I bet they call this the Sub-lime Crisis.

A billion here, a billion there, soon it adds up to real fake money!

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