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Nice C.S. Lewis reference...I just reread the silver chair last week! Coincidence?? Clearly not. 

Nice post - and I was on that credit card bill like a hawk.. I give the bill a rating of "meh". 

First of all, I use my near-never-exploited-grandfathered-in-backdoor now only because I feel you would want this on your blog immediately.  Sorry about the ads that precede the video.

WTF? The house and senate micromanaging credit card companies' fine print? "You've been naughty, and now we want you to lower your rates after 6 months for good customers, and all your rules must be in 12 point font?!?!"

I am dumbfounded. Don't get me wrong, these are not bad rules. But why is the government making them?

"A Clockwork Orange" (the film) had this to say to me: governments will perpetually take away rights, only to give them back later given public protest. But regardless of the direction, each swing of the pendulum serves their interests. With each pass back and forth, they become more legitimate. They are the source of power; regulations are imposed or relaxed, but it's always their decision in the end.

I'm trying to reconcile this with the take home message of "The Corporation," which many of you may know from the great documentary. It is also a book, which I recently perused. Herein, the message is, "the government is the only body capable of protecting of individuals from the excesses of the corporations around us." The book even suggests, via a Chomsky quote, that anti-government propaganda gets generated by corporations to serve their anti-regulatory interests. So maybe this is government's domain, and I'm just balking at the novelty.

In any case, this is very interesting shit that's going on. It seems to me like watching giants slam about in a rocky ravine. You don't know if they're play fighting, accidentally crushing the poor fuckers at the very bottom, dislodging rocks that catch a few at all levels. Or if they're doing an intricate dance, which is just a little too wild and weird to interpret.


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