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Peak Oil (again? *sigh*.. no, for the first time!)
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“Within the lifetime of most of the present drivers of automobiles there will be no more gasoline. It is a serious thing to contemplate, particularly from the standpoint of the manufacturer. Estimates based on the most complete data now available place the end of our gasoline supply between ten and twenty years, with the odds in favor of ten rather than twenty.”
What? This isn't news anymore? Well, apparently it was in 1925 where, in a New York Times editorial, this quote was written by D.H. Killefer, secretary of the New York section of the American Chemical Society.

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I don't mean this to imply that we don't have a peak oil problem rearing its ugly head over us these days, or that we do, just that our so called pundits are often very very wrong. In fact, they are probably far more wrong than they are ever right. Remember that the next time you are convinced. Op-Ed does not equal Higher-Ed. Never, ever, believe anything you read. Research, reconfirm, retread, retry, whatever it takes, don't believe anything at face value. An uninformed position is no position at all. An entire field of strawmen will burn faster than a single truth.

Are maybe I'm just wishfully thinking?

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