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Dictatorship in the USA
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Gore Vidal, who predicts a dictatorship in the US soon, is a real spit and vittles kind of guy. If you've read any of his stuff you know he's a straight-out with it sort of guy, and says it like it is. In the article linked above he makes excellent points about the dim-witted-ness of the American populace, complaining that Obama is giving his audience too much credit (he really needs to talk down to them, Vidal thinks).

So is he right? Here is an anecdotal experiment - go to google and type in "can a human " into the search. You will get a drop down of suggestions based on common searches including your terms.. You may be shocked by what is on the top of the list.

For those too lazy, here is a screenshot (via c-dunx):

insert man's best friend joke here

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