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It was refreshing to actually learn something in the local rag this week, even if it was through a letter-to-the-editor (they still printed it, right?). Basically, it sounds like our gov'ment has screwed the pooch on Haiti disaster relief in a way only the U.S. gov'ment could; with ineffective military bravado:

An hour away by air, we sent ships, which took days to arrive and for which there were no docking facilities to quickly offload aid. Granted control of the Port-au-Prince airport, the US military waved off flights from Doctors Without Borders (one flight with 12 tons of aid was denied landing four times) and others experienced in disaster relief, flights carrying medical supplies, doctors, and rescue teams and equipment, in favor of landing troops and evacuating Americans. Relief flights were diverted to the Dominican Republic, a full day away overland.

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